Core Lineup

- It can take up to a year of pheno hunting and testing for a strain to make it to the Core Lineup. 

- This means we found a pheno that washes, blasts, and produces all around beautiful products. 

- Once a strain reaches the Core Lineup, it will likely remain in our garden for up to a year and a half — or until we find a better alternative.

Third Batch

– Only necessary if keeper still hasn’t been selected. 

– Phenos have been narrowed down to 2 cuts. 

– Both sent to market for customer feedback.  

Second Batch

– 1-4 different phenos to choose from, all cloned from their original seed. 

– Customers might see a strain washed into solventless hash, so we can test out how well each pheno yields.  

– Phenos are sent to market for customer feedback 

First Batch

– 30-60 different phenos to choose from, all grown from seed. 

– Customers will likely see the first appearance as a Reserve, multi-pheno blend of PHö. 

– All flower testing in-house, at this point.