We are cannabis purists, cultivating the best and cleanest product possible.

Every decision we make is guided by this philosophy: from our growing methodology, to how we craft our concentrates, to why we hand trim.

Our work is our art. And art is an achievement.



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About SKöRD

Founded in 2015, SKöRD is a Tier 2 craft cannabis producer operating out of Battle Ground, Washington. Our core team of 15 does all of our growing out of a 7200 sq. ft indoor facility that we built from the ground up.

Our approach to cultivation emphasizes the excellence, adaptability, and diversity of well-grown cannabis. The majority of our strains are selected in-house and are exclusive to SKöRD. We prize rigor in process and product above all things, always striving for perfection in our artisanal marijuana.

Since our first sales in 2016, we’ve cultivated a following in Washington state. Our customers are people who, like us, have a profound appreciation for extraordinary weed.

Core Values

  • Always Deliver Excellence. Own it. No exceptions.
  • We Honor The Customers and they return for more of the best.
  • The Details Make The Difference between ‘good’ and artisanal.
  • The Spirit Of Exploration begets the highest quality cultivation.



Our art begins with rigorous pheno-hunting and selection of exceptional genetics. From those select genetics we cultivate phenotypes exclusive to the SKöRD name, continually pushing the boundaries and expectations of great weed.


Our concentrates are crafted by simple and methodical processes to preserve the true spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids found in our exceptional flower.


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