Lemon Shortbread

[Lemon Skunk x SinMint Cookies]

Kicking off this week's drop is a limited batch of Lemon Shortbread! This core lineup cut has been in and out of our constant rotation for a while now, and whenever we bring it back, it just fills the grow room with the scent of sweet, artificial strawberries.  This batch finished up with a beautiful structure; it's denser than normal, but still has those notorious, natural foxtails and slight purple hues that gives it a unique structure and bag appeal.  Cracking the jar on this one releases warm notes of artificial strawberry, backed by sweet notes of lemon juice, gas and creamy vanilla. Overall, the profile reminds us more of a strawberry/lemon shortbread with enticing notes of sweet dough and gas.

Forward Notes: Artificial Strawberry, Lemon Juice & Vanilla CreamUndertones: Sweet Dough & Gas


[Tina x Mint Chocolate Chip]Breeder: Exotic Genetix 

Next up on this week's flower drop is a fresh harvest of Chocolatina, and this one is a doozy!  This batch is a straight blast of raunch onion, sour, gasoline FUNK! All-and-all, this strain is consistently one of the strongest terpene profiles in our garden, which is why we've worked to keep it around for so long! With chunky lime green buds, and a sharp, nostril-burning terp profile, this cut has become an absolute favorite amongst our team.

Forward Notes: Sour Onion & Gasoline FunkUndertones: Zesty Lemons & Sharp Pine


[MendoBreath x SinMint Cookies]Breeder: SinCity Seeds

Lastly, finishing up this week's flower drop is a fresh batch of BreathMints!  This is one of those strains that finishes up super consistently for us almost every time we run in. The buds are dense like rock candy and have this unmistakable mark of deep purple buds just covered in fiery red pistols. And similarly to the Lemon Shortbread, BreathMints comes in with a soft, sweet dough and berry-forward profile that will captivate the tastebuds of any cookies fan.

Forward Notes: Mixed Berries, Gas & Sweet DoughUndertones: Sour Dough Bread & Vanilla Cream

Triple Rainbow Reserve Terp Sugar

[SinMintZ #6 x SinMintZ #7 x ZkittleMints]Both strains originally bred by SinCity Seeds Curated by SKöRD

First up in this week's concentrate drop is a very special batch of Reserve terp sugar that was made from our most recent runs of both SinMintZ #6 & #7, and ZkittleMints. Coming in with a super heavy Zkittlez profile from all three cuts, we're stoked to introduce the Triple Rainbow!  Like all Reserve runs, this curated blend was made with full A-grade nugs that would typically go into our 8th jars. The resulting profile is a colorful blend of candied flavors, including bright notes of lemon, zesty orange peel, deep notes of blueberry and soft undertones of strawberry. And underneath it all is a familiar blend of doughy ZkittleMints funk and gas.

Forward Notes: Candied Fruit Blend (Lemon Juice, Zesty Oranges, Blueberries & Strawberries) Undertones: Gas & Doughy Funk

Papaya Cider Reserve Terp Badder

[Hard Cider x Frozen Papaya]Both strains bred by SinCity Seeds Curated by SKöRD

Hard Cider [Apple Margey x White Nightmare] Frozen Papaya [Papaya x White Nightmare]

Next up in this week's concentrate drop is an exclusive Reserve Terp Badder run that we've been very excited to share with you all! We recently started wrapping up the first round of testers from the SinCity White Nightmare box kit, and Hard Cider and Frozen Papaya were the first two we took down from the hunt. As we continue through this box kit, you can expect to see a number of exotic one-off blends with profiles you wouldn't typically see from the SKöRD garden.  Papaya Cider is a fruit-forward blend and easily one of the most papaya-dominant concentrates we've ever released. The flavor is a mix of funky, sweet papaya melon and cinnamon apple pastry; the two cuts compliment one another, producing a burst of tropical flavor alongside warm, balanced notes of cinnamon apple and sweet dough.

Forward Notes: Funky Papaya, Apple & Cinnamon SpiceUndertones: Gas, Sweet Dough & Whipped Cream

Roadkill Reserve Terp Badder

[Deer in the Headlights x Sideswiped] Both strains bred by SinCity Seeds Curated by SKöRD Deer in the Headlights[(Chem ’91 x Amimal Cookies) x White Nightmare] Sideswiped[Motorbreath #15 x White Nightmare]

When we first saw that SinCity had released some new genetics with Motorbreath and Chem '91 in the lineup, it immediately caught our attention. The phenos we took down displayed a variety of different flavors which gave this exclusive Reserve Terp Badder a unique appeal that won't be replicated. Roadkill is a funky, gaseous blend of several heavy-hitters and the blend produced a profile unlike anything in our current lineup.  Now with strains like Motorbreath and Chem 91' in the mix, you would assume that this blend would just be an overwhelming blast of gas and chem. But, to our pleasant surprise, this cross produced a layered profile that begins with sharp notes of pine, chem and gas, but then transitions to soft notes of nutty peanut oil and vanilla for a balanced finish. It's like you get the best of both worlds, with a strong gas-forward nose with a smooth cookies flavor.

Forward Notes: Gas, Chem & Sharp PineUndertones: Nutty Peanut Oil & Vanilla Cream

Animal Cocktail Reserve Terp Badder

[Garlic Cocktail x Animal Face] Breeder: Uprising Seed Co.

Hard Cider [Apple Margey x White Nightmare] Frozen Papaya [Papaya x White Nightmare]

Finishing up our Reserve Terp Badders for this drop is a full nug-run of Animal Cocktail! If you're a fan of gnarly GMO terps, this is easily one of the best runs of AC concentrate we've ever produced.  Cracking the jar on this one unleashes a blast of straight peanut shells and gas, with undertones of salty garlic and burnt rubber that lingers in your nostrils. On the flavor side of things, this batch of badder produced a sweet, buttery sugar cookie finish that balances out the gas and garlic notes.

Forward Notes: Gas, Garlic & Peanut ShellsUndertones: Sugar Cookies, Pine & Rubber

Chocolatina PHö

[Tina x Mint Chocolate Chip]Breeder: Exotic Genetix

Finally, finishig up this week's concentrate drop is a fresh batch of Chocolatina PHö! This is one profile that we've never grown tired of; it's gassy, zesty, funky and sweet all at the same time.  The initial nose is almost offensively gaseous. Freshly chopped onions/chives, diesel gas and super zesty citrus (almost like a lemon peel) all come to mind on the first pass. And underneath it all is a sweet, doughy, sugary base that balances everything out.

Forward Notes: Gas, Garlic/Onion Funk & Sweet DoughUndertones: Sweet Pine & Zesty Citrus

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