Night Wedding

[Wedding Cake x White Nightmare]Bred by SinCity Seeds

Garden Notes: If you were once a fan of our old Kush Cake cut, the Night Wedding cut will be right up your alley. This pheno has consistently displayed a sweet and pleasant mix of pastry terps, and as it usually goes, the more we grow something, the more our team can get things dialed. This batch produced super forward notes of creamy vanilla and sweet dough, with undertones of mixed berries that add a nice fruity blend to the profile.

Flavor: Vanilla & Sweet Pastry w/ undertones of Mixed BerriesEffect: Indica-leaning hybird. Relaxing without being too sedating

Animal Cocktail

[Animal Face x Garlic Cocktail]Bred by Uprising Seed Co.

Garden Notes: Once again, Animal Cocktail is looking fantastic! This harvest produced some massive colas that are just covered in resin and reeking of gas, rubber, and garlic-peanut oil.

Flavor : Gas, Burnt Rubber & Galic-Peanut OilEffect : 50/50 Hybrid

1g Core Linup Vapes

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