Deep Pockets Reserve Flower

[MAC x Blue Power]Breeder: SinCity Seeds

We're kicking things off this week with a super limited batch of Deep Pockets! By far one of the best MAC crosses we've had in the garden this year, Deep Pockets offers a super unique terp profile and fat, resinous snow-ball looking nugs.  Cracking the jar releases a profile with such a unique complexity, you almost have to double-take and go back for a second pass. On the first go you get an overwhelming aroma of heavy cream and lemon/tomato zest, almost like a lemon butter sauce for a pasta dish. On the second go, some of the zesty lemons fades into gas and sour dough for a balanced finish.  Now as much as we love Deep Pockets, we're a small garden and have way more to work on this year. SO - this will be our final run of this cut; if you haven't tried it yet, now is your last chance to track this one down before it's gone for good. That said, we were only able to trim up about half of this batch in time for this drop, so there should be a few more cases floating around before the end of the month.

Forward Notes: Heavy Cream & Lemon/Tomato ZestUndertones: Sour Dough & Gas


[MendoBreath x SinMint Cookies]Breeder: SinCity Seeds

BreathMints is back for another round! This core lineup cut has been with us for a few years now and it's remained a steady in house favorite for a number of reasons.  Cracking the jar on this strain releases a gaseous aroma of berries n' cream and dry cereal that almost reminds us of some good old Capn' Crunch Berries. The profile is sweet and doughy on the first pass with undertones of gas and pinesol.

Forward Notes: Mixed Berries, Vanilla Cream & Sweet DoughUndertones: Gas & Pinesol

Rainbows at NightReserve Terp Badder

[Zkittlez x White Nightmare]Breeder: SinCity Seeds

And lastly, starting and finishing this week's concentrate drop is a fresh batch of a new strain we've been working on - Rainbows at Night! R@N came from another seed out of the White Nightmare SinCity pack. For all you Zkittlez fans out there, this is another fruit-forward gas pack of a strain that you won't want to miss out on, with comparable traits to our SinMintZ and Zkittlemints cuts. On the flavor side of things, the first pass brought out a blast of different sweet fruits with a soft candy finish, almost like a taffy. Diving deeper, you can detect notes of sweet lemons, orange, and blueberry, blending into a symphony of candied fruit.

Forward Notes: Bursts of Lemon, Orange & Blueberry TaffyUndertones: Gas & Sweet Dough

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