Nightmare Cake

[Wedding Cake x White Nightmare]Bred by SinCity Seeds

Garden Notes: It’s no surprise that Nightmare Cake is a powerhouse in the garden much like its sibling, Night Wedding. That said, this batch tested at over 30%! The highest we''ve seen since a batch of Ice Cream Banana all the way back in 2020. We find it interesting that it has the same top three terpenes (but in a different order: limonene, caryophyllene, and myrcene) yet a radically different flavor and aroma. While often thought as the citrus terpene, limonene also attributes much to the sour ‘gassy’ fumes we love. The higher caryophyllene content creates the funky savory aroma that sets Nightmare Cake apart. It’s always fascinating to look into what can make two pheno-types different!

Flavor: Sour Gas, Savory Funk, Earthy Cake

Divine Kush Breath

[Divine Gelato x OGKB 2.1]Bred by InHouse Genetics

Garden Notes: Similar to how our last batch of Cake Donut was extra special, we think this round of DKB is really fantastic. We knew while it was in the garden that it was a vigorous batch but once it started curing and we first opened a bag we were blown away by how loud the terps were. The only way we know how to describe what we’re smelling is Pine-Sol. Sharp, piney, with a distinct citrus gas. It's household cleaner in the best possible way. The flavor translates incredibly well, truly coating the mouth with those terps!

Flavor : Sharp pine, Citrus gas, Kush


[Tina x Mint Chocolate Chip]Bred by Exotic Genetix

Garden Notes: It’s been a little while since this strain has made an appearance. But it’s clear it loved some of the improvements since we last did a run. All the buds turned out especially resinous for this cultivar with a great structure. Fans of Chocolatina are going to be very pleased. Absolutely reeking of sour gas and onion funk with some minty chocolate down in the base. Energizing strains rarely have this profile and it’s what makes this one so special.

Flavor: Gas Fumes, Sour Onion, Earthy Chocolate

SinmintzReserve Terp Badder

[Zkittlez x SinMint Cookies]Bred by Sin City Seeds

Notes: The distinct flavor of Sinmintz translates to concentrate so well that we try to always try to dedicate a portion to badder. While the flower is certainly flavorful, there is something special about the fizzy citrus soda vibe of the concentrate. That bright Zkittlez candy is backed up by the gassy cookie that we love from SinMint. An easy suggestion for Zkittlez/candy lovers with effects that make everyone happy.

Flavor: Citrus Soda, Lemon Candy, Cookie Gas

OishiiReserve Terp Badder

[Flavor Pack #7 x Moonbow 112 F2 #60]Bred by Archive Seed Bank

Notes: We’re introducing two new strains in badder form from the recent Archive pheno hunt we’ve been documenting on social media! Oishii has a very interesting profile and it’s far from anything we’ve grown in the garden before. Showcasing a sweet and creamy gas on a base of classic kush. It’s a unique take on the modern sweet profile combining both old and new flavors. Despite there being Zkittlez in the genetic mix, we don’t detect any Zkittlez flavor besides an underlying sweetness.

Flavor: Sweet Cream, Gas, OG Kush

Dark RainbowReserve Terp Badder

[GMO x Planet Purple F2 #144]Bred by Archive Seed Bank

Notes: This new Archive cultivar is on the other end of the spectrum of gas terps. There is nothing nice and sweet about this deep, offensive fuel aroma. Taking the gassiest parts of GMO and adding the fumes from Sunset Sherbet the whole industry has come to love results in some of the best fume terps we’ve experienced. We don’t pick up much garlic funk from the GMO and we’re excited to see what people think!

Flavor: Petrol Fumes, Chem Gas

PHö Vape Cartridges

1g Ceramic Core Lineup Vapes -Animal Cocktail--Dirty Donut--Cake Donut--Nightmare Cake--Divine Kush Breath--Dirty Banana Kush Breath--Tasty Trees- 1g Ceramic Reserve Vapes -Zazul #4--Pine Nuts--Stir Fry Mix-

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