February 19th - February 25th

We take the utmost pride in our consistent quality in every batch. To ensure you only experience fresh product at its most premium state, we drop a new batch of product off with our retail partners every 2 weeks. This allows us to cycle in new, rare genetics and continue to pheno hunt for the very best!

Cake Donut

[London Pound Cake x Apple Fritter]Bred by Uprising Seed Co.

Garden Notes : First up on this week's drop is a classic, Cake Donut! These buds are always super colorful and really shine when broken up. This round is very green apple pastry forward with gas to back it up. If you are looking for that sweet gas, this is it!

Flavor: Green Apple, Dough, Gas


[Zkittlez x Purple Planet F2]Bred by Archive Seed Bank

Garden Notes : Continuing the sweet theme, a fresh batch of Zazul! While being new to the Core Lineup, the terps speak for themselves. Breaking open a bud you are met with sweet floral candy and robust gas. This one is super consistent in the garden and is a treat every time it comes around. Zazul is also getting a cart release this week 🙌

Flavor : Floral, Zkittlez, Gas

Animal Cocktail

[Animal Face x Garlic Cocktail]Bred by Uprising Seed Co.

Garden Notes : Last on the Core drops is a funky batch of Animal Cocktail. On the other end of the spectrum terp wise, much more savory. We love the pine this one leads with, before settling into the peanuty garlic gas. This one is a great middle of the road hybrid for people looking for something not sweet!

Flavor : Pine, Peanut, Gas

SinMint SundaeReserve Flower

[Ice Cream Cake x SinMint Cookies]Bred by Sin City

Garden Notes : Kicking off the reserve drops with SinMint Sundae! We said it last time, but this strain has looked better and better after every round (and it looked good to start with). Nugs are bigger and dense with a crazy amount of hairs coming out at every turn. Having had the pleasure to stick our heads in the turkey bag, this one is super unique. Grape bottle caps and cream soda come to mind. A hard hitting sweet treat.

Flavor : Grape, Cream Soda, Gas

Dark Rainbow #8Reserve Flower

[GMO x Planet Purple F2 #144]Bred by Archive Seed Bank

Garden Notes : Last up for Reserve strains, Dark Rainbow #8! Super gassy GMO combined with some creaminess from its lineage. This and the #6 are both still in the running for their unique profiles. We love this more old school profile in the garden. If you haven't had this one yet, it'll show you green weed can still hold it's own!

Flavor : Robust Gas

Payton's Pie #5Reserve PHö

[Gary Payton x Georgia Pie]Bred by Raw Genetics

Notes : Payton's Pie is back for PHö and carts this week! #5 has shifted to a sweeter profile vs where it started initially. Blueberries and cream and GAS! While this would be the more in your face experience of the profile, the cart translates it just as well.

Flavor: Berries, Cream, Gas

PHö Vape Cartridges

1G Ceramic Core Lineup Vapes -Tasty Trees--ZkittleMints--Divine Kush Breath--Zazul--Dirty Donut--Animal Cocktail- 0.5G Ceramic Core Lineup Vapes -Divine Kush Breath-  1G Ceramic Reserve Vapes -Blueberry Pie #3 &# 5--Payton's Pie #5--Unicorn Poop  x Pineapple Pez--Dark Rainbow # 6 & #8 Pheno Blend-


Monday 2/19Freedom Market [Longview]Freedom Market [Kelso]High 5 [Vancouver]High End Marketplace [Vancouver]Sticky’s [Vancouver]

Wednesday 2/21Clear Choice [Tacoma]Forbidden Cannabis Martin Way [Lacey]Tacoma House of Cannabis [Tacoma]Green Lady West [Olympia]Green Lady East [Olympia]Commencement Bay Black [Tacoma]Commencement Bay Green [Tacoma]Commencement Bay Yellow [Fife]Gypsy Green [Olympia]Gypsy Green [Chehalis]Commencement Bay Red [Tacoma]Kush 21 – TacomaPiece of Mind [Bellingham]Trippy Hippy [Bellingham]210 Cannabis [Arlington]Remedy/Tulalip [Marysville]Kush 2/Kushman [Lynnwood]Euphorium [Lynnwood]A Cannabis Storey/HAH [Bothell]A Greener Today [Bothell]Euphorium [Woodinville]The Marijuana Mercantile [Granite Falls]Higher Leaf [Kirkland]Kush [Kirkland]Origins [Redmond]Hashtag [Redmond]Seaweed Cannabis [Edmonds]Forbidden Cannabis [Seattle]The Reef Capitol Hill [Seattle]The Reef Georgetown [Seattle]Origins West [Seattle]Kush 21 [Burien]Higher Leaf Eastgate [Bellevue]Higher Leaf Factoria [Bellevue]Higher Leaf BelRed [Bellevue]Buddy’s [Renton]Euphorium [Covington]

Thursday 2/22Pend Oreille [Newport]Kushmart South [Everett]Kushmart North [Everett]Kush 21/Local Roots 128th [Everett]A Greener Today [Lynnwood]365 Recreational [Shoreline]Herb’s House [Seattle]Fweedom Aurora [Seattle]A Cannabis Storey/HAH Greenwood [Seattle]Hashtag Fremont [Seattle]A Cannabis Storey/HAH Belltown [Seattle]The Joint [Seattle]Mr. Greens [Lake Forest Park]Fweedom MLT [Mount Lake Terrace]KushKlub [Shoreline]A Cannabis Storey/HAH Skyway [Seattle]Cedar Greens [Sequim]Elwha Peaks [Port Angeles]Paper & Leaf [Bainbridge Island]Clear Choice [Bremerton]The Root Cellar [Belfair]A Cannabis Storey/HAH [Ocean Shores]Piece of Mind South [Spokane]The Green Nugget [Spokane]Sativa Sisters [Spokane Valley]

Friday 2/23Piece of Mind North [Spokane]Salish Coast [Anacortes]Western Bud [Anacortes]Euphorium [Vashon Island]Kush 21 [Yakima]

Saturday 2/24Tonasket House of Cannabis [Tonasket]

Sunday 2/25Freedom Market [Ilwaco]Tokeland Cannabis [Tokeland]

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Drop size vary by strain and are often limited.