[GMO x SinMint Cookies]Breeder: SinCity Seeds

Kicking off this week's drop is a fresh batch of Modified Mints! We've been working on this cut for about 8 months now and it's finally ready to share with the public in flower form. Similar to our experience with Deep Pockets, which went out on the last drop, the Mod Mints pheno hunt brought us one single obvious keeper cut that stole the show.Starting things off is the absolutely beautiful bag appeal. In the final weeks of flowering, this cultivar was quick to fade, producing deep purple hues that cover the entire nug. Contrasting perfectly against the dark calyxes are these wire-like, bright orange pistols that really give the overall structure a chef's kiss.On the flavor side of the aisle, Mod Mints is most definitely one of the stronger GMO-leaning phenos we've had in the garden. Standing its ground against our once-coveted Wonka Bars cut, Mod Mints produces a blast of stanky GMO and gas when you crack the jar. However, this is one of those layered profiles that seem to start somewhere and end somewhere entirely different. Once the garlic, mothball, and lemon zest fade, the flavor transitions to more of a balanced sweet dough/sugar cookie finish, likely from the SinMint Cookie lineage.Now we're gonna be straight up with you all, this strain did not perform well enough in the grow to bring it into the core lineup. Sometimes you stumble upon something spectacular that's worth keeping, but when a pheno produces small colas with limited bud sites, it makes it tough to grow enough to fairly distribute. While the terps are phenomenal, this batch only produced 312 units of 8ths to cover the entire state. So, if she ever returns, it will likely be periodically as a Reserve strain. That being said, if you're a GMO fan, you'll want to get after this limited drop because it might not be back for a while!

Forward Notes: Garlic, Gas & Sweet Dough/Sugar CookieUndertones: Lemon Zest & Mothballs


[(Sour Tangie x Do-Si-Do) x Apple Fritter]Breeder: Uprising Seed Co.

Next up in this week's flower drop is a fresh batch of Dirty Donut! This is one of those strains that stinks up the entire facility when it comes down; opening the door into the trim room is like stepping into a field of tangerine trees.Dirty Donut is known for semi-dense colas with large calyxes, giving the buds a light, pillowy appeal. Underneath the resin, you'll find hues of deep purple and lime green, producing a beautiful spectrum of color.As for flavor and aroma, you're always in for a delicious treat with Dirty Donut! Cracking the jar on this one reveals an absolute explosion of candied tangerines and gas. While the Sour Tangie terps definitely dominate this profile, the Apple Fritter lineage adds nuanced expressions of sour green apple and creamy vanilla, producing an aroma that's reminiscent of an orange creamsicle.

Forward Notes: Candied Tangerines, Sweet Dough & GasUndertones: Sour Green Apple & Orange Creamsicle (vanilla)


[Divine Gelato x OGKB 2.1]Breeder: Inhouse Genetics

Divine Kush Breath is back on the menu, marking its one-year anniversary from its original pheno hunt drop! Even after a year on the market, this is one of those strains that people just can't seem to get enough of. Maybe it's the insanely sticky resin that keeps the buds sticking together in the jar; maybe it's the knockout gelato/kush profile that hits you right in the sinuses. Whatever it is, we're here for it and plan to keep this cut around for a while.Kicking things off with the bud structure, this batch of DKB finished up with the same notoriously dense nugs that make a thud when you empty out the jar. On the flavor side of things, this cultivar is a straight sinus burner, with heavy notes of gas and floral notes of lavender. On a second go, you can detect notes of zesty lemon peel and creamy vanilla before the profile transitions to a sweet dough finish.

Forward Notes: Floral Lavender & Diesel GasUndertones: Zesty Lemon Peel, Sweet Dough & Creamy Vanilla


[Divine Gelato x OGKB 2.1]Breeder: Inhouse Genetics

Kicking off this week's concentrate drop is a rare and special treat from the SKöRD extraction team: Divinity Diamonds! Given that this cut originated from our initial DKB pheno hunt, we thought it was only right that we drop a special batch on her one-year anniversary. This is the second batch of diamonds our team has ever released and we decided to go big or go home...First off is the size of these chonkers - they're MASSIVE! We decided to keep these diamonds fully intact so users would have the choice of either breaking them down themselves or dabbing a huge chunk of THCA crystal. Each gram is a perfect ratio of 0.8g rocks and 0.2g sauce; we tried to really nail this down so the diamonds are coated with HTE flavor without leaving an annoying puddle of terps at the bottom of the jar. Waste not, want not - right?On the flavor side of things this batch of Divinity is an absolute blast of gas, skunk and myrcene, giving it a mixed berries profile with a hell of a potency kick.

Forward Notes: Gas & SkunkUndertones: Zesty Mango & Vanilla Cream


[Zkittlez x Blue Power]Breeder: SinCity Seeds

Calling all terp sugar fans, Blueberry Tartz is back for a final round! We whipped the first two batches of this strain into a badder and decided to bring it all home with one more final drop of sugar for those who prefer the consistency.This final batch of Blueberry Tartz is from the #28 keeper pheno, which was known for its spectrum of fruity, funky flavors. Leading the profile is a mouthwatering blend of blueberry funk, raspberry, and lemon candy, all of which combined, create this aroma that's reminiscent of those classic fruit roll-up snacks.

Forward Notes: Blueberry Funk, Candied Raspberry & GasUndertones: Vanilla Cream, Candied Lemon & Sweet Dough


[Wedding Cake x SinMint Cookies]Breeder: SinCity Seeds

Finishing up this week's drop is a batch of Wedding Mints PHö! Almost as if it were the trend for this week, this is another cultivar that leads with straight gas and finishes with a pleasant balance of sweet, desert terps.For those who have yet to try this core lineup cut, Wedding Mints is a balance of two heavy-hitting strains: Wedding Cake & SinMint Cookies. The pheno that we selected for our keeper cut tends to produce a gas-forward profile that is amplified by pungent notes of lavender and lemon zest.

Forward Notes: Lavender, Gas & Lemon ZestUndertones: Creamy Vanilla & Mixed Berries


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