[Zkittlez x SinMint Cookies]Breeder: SinCity Seeds

The #6 cut starts us off with a super gassy profile and some fat, chunky buds that fill up the jar. The plants produced a solid resin coating on these nugs, with white/amber trichomes covering most of the surface area. These flowers also finished with deep purple hues, which offer a nice contrast against the light orange pistols and amber trichs.On the flavor side, the #6 pheno produced a complex blend of Zkittlez and gas as the dominant notes. Opening the jar releases an immediate explosion of bight, funky blend of gas and orange citrus; and not the sour tangie type of orange citrus terps, but more of a candied orange soda/skittles flavor.On the inhale, the #6 cut has much more of a sharp flavor, with notes of fresh pinewood with undertones of cherry licorice and candied oranges.

Forward Notes: Gas, Pine & Orange Soda/SkittlesUndertones: Sweet Dough, Vanilla & Cherry Licorice


[Zkittlez x SinMint Cookies]Breeder: SinCity Seeds

The #7 cut is also something special, leaving us with a tough decision to make at the end of the day with this hunt.To start things off, this cut produced a structure that showcased large, sharp calyxes, and soft orange pistols - giving it a strong Zkittlez resemblance. While pheno #7 doesn't have quite the same resin production as the #6 pheno, it makes up for it tenfold with its knockout fruity, funky, Zkittlez terp profile.Cracking the jar on this one unleashes a funky, fruity blast of Skittles candy and sweet dough with slight, soft undertones of cheese and vanilla that add a creamy funk to the blend. A little less gassy on the nose, the #7 pheno seems to have more of a sweet, dessert profile.On the flavor side of the aisle, this cut starts off with sweet doughy, fruity notes and immediately transitions to a blast of orange soda, with subtle hints of pine, citrus, apple, and vanilla. Overall, the flavors are mouthwatering; this is definitely a profile that leaves you wanting to roll another.

Forward Notes: Candied Citrus/Berry Blend & Sweet DoughUndertones: Vanilla & Cheesy Funk


[MendoBreath x SinMint Cookies]Breeder: SinCity Seeds

BreathMints is back and this batch is a knockout punch! The aroma on this one smacks you right in the face when you open the jar. Strong, somewhat nostril-burning notes of gas, rubber, and glue permeate from the jar with soft, welcoming notes of berries and cream to balance out the profile.As always, BreathMints produces an absolutely gorgeous bud structure and color, with dark hues across the entire nug that contrast against the fiery orange pistols. It's not hard to see why this cultivar has become a core staple to the garden lineup.

Forward Notes: Diesel Gas, Rubber, Glue & Mixed BerriesUndertones: Lemon Zest, Sweet Dough & Strawberries


[Divine Gelato x OGKB 2.1]Breeder: In House Genetics

We're starting off this week's concentrate drop with a fresh batch of Divinity! For those who haven't had the pleasure of trying this strain yet, Divinity is the 2nd pheno we found during our Divine Kush Breath pheno hunt. The terps on this cut were so good, we decided to keep her around for a few more runs.This batch of Terp Badder came from a small row of full A-grade, premium buds we set aside specifically for a fire batch of oil. Let's just say the results did not disappoint... This batch of Divinity produced a beautiful, light golden color and soft, malleable custard consistency that's super satisfying to scoop up.On the flavor side, this run is all gas and berries. Opening the jar is like dropping a couple of starbursts in gasoline and then jamming them up your nose. After you get past the upfront gas of this strain, you start to detect soft floral and fruity notes of lilac, and some sort of strawberry and lemon blend that has a slight resemblance to Hawaiian punch.

Forward Notes: Diesel Gas & Mixed Berries (Strawberry, Rasberry & Blueberry)Undertones: Lilac & Candied Lemons


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