[Zkittlez x SinMint Cookies]Bred by SinCity Seeds

Kicking off this week's drop is fresh batch of ZkittleMints! We didn't have enough time to include this batch on the last drop, so we're starting out the month with a fan favorite! If you have yet to try our prized ZkittleMints keeper cut, this strain is known for its chunky, resinous buds, displaying a blend of lime green and deep hues of purple. Opening the jar, you're met with a fruit-forward mash of citrus and berries, muted by mouthwatering notes of creamy vanilla. The original ZkittleMints cut is also known to be the most gaseous and funky Zkittlez crosses that we currently have in the garden.

Forward Notes: Candied Fruit: Lemon, Orange & BlueberryUndertones: Sweet Dough & Creamy Vanilla

Dirty Banana Kush Breath

[(Kush Mints x Banana OG) x OGKB 2.1]Bred by In House Genetics

Next up is our second full batch of DBKB! If you're a fan of sour gas & pine strains, this cut is right up your alley.  Cracking the jar on the #42 cut releases a solid blend of sweet, sour and funky aromas. On the first pass, you pull soft notes of sweet dough alongside sour citronella and sharp undertones of pine. Compared to past harvests, I would say this batch is much more rounded out and balanced in the sense that you can actually smell beyond the overt, pungent notes of sour citronella that originally dominated the profile.  As the trend continues, more time we have a strain in rotation, the better we can dial in that cultivars individual needs.

Forward Notes: Sour Citronella and Sweet DoughUndertones: Sharp Pine & Gas

Lemon Shortbread

[Lemon Skunk x SinMint Cookies]Bred by SinCity Seeds

And lastly, finishing up our flower drop for the week is a long-awaited batch of Lemon Shortbread! We've had folks constantly request this strain ever since took it out of the constant rotation. So if you're a fan of strawberry pastry terps, you won't want to miss this batch!  Cracking the jar on this cut releases fragrant notes of strawberry, sweet dough, and zesty citrus gas. With a name like lemon shortbread, you would expect the citrus tones to be a little more forward. However, this batch really carries through more of this zesty gas, allowing the sweet strawberry to lead the profile.

Forward Notes: Sweet Dough, Artificial Strawberry & Citrus ZestUndertones: Gas & Confectionary Sugar

Nightmare Cookies x Blue PowerDiamonds 'n Sauce

Bred by SinCity Seeds

Kicking off this week's concentrate drop is a limited release batch of NCxBP diamonds! Grown from our original five-pheno batch, this profile really gives you a feel for the genetics. And when it comes to sauce to diamond ratio, we went for more of a balanced split on this batch. You'll definitely find some chonkers in there, but we prioritized flavor on this round.  Talking about flavor... the profile on this strain is quickly becoming an in-house favorite. While our previous badder drop of NCxBP was a little more subdued comparatively, the sauce in these jars do not hold back. Once the vapor hits your tastebuds it's like a blast of sweet, gassy, berries and dough on your palate. If you were a fan of our original Nightmare Cookies cut, this strain brings that flavor and so much more to the table.

Forward Notes: Mixed Berries, Gas & Sweet Cookie DoughUndertones: Light notes of Citrus & Fermented Fruit

Forward Notes: Garlic, Diesel Fuel & Lemon ZestUndertones: Sweet Dough & Soft Pine

Dirty Donut

[(Sour Tangie x Do-Si-Do) x Apple Fritter]Bred by Uprising Seed Co.

And lastly, closing out this week's drop is a fresh batch of Dirty Donut PHö! And for our Tangie fans out there, you're in for a treat - this batch was a saucy one!  Dabbing on Dirty Donut is an experience that floods the senses with notes of candied tangerines and doughy cake donut. This batch finished up with bright undertones of pine and floral orange blossom that add a nice balance to the otherwise forward notes of tangerine juice.

Forward Notes: Candied Tangerines & Sweet DoughUndertones: Pine, Orange Blossom, & Green Apple

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