Dirty Donut

[(Sour Tangie x Do-Si-Do) x Apple Fritter]Bred by Uprising Seed Co.

Kicking things off this drop is a fresh batch of Dirty Donuts flower! For those of you who have yet to try the Dirty Donut cut, this strain is just an explosion of bright, candied tangerine terps, featuring subtle, nuanced notes of green apples and creamy vanilla. While this strain can definitely produce some doughy pastry terps, this batch finished up with more of a straight orange juice gas profile. As far as effects go, Dirty Donut is probably one of our most sativa-leaning strains in the core lineup, producing awakening, uplifting effects that are great for a daytime smoke.

Forward Notes: Candied Tangerines & Sweet DoughUndertones: Sour Green Apple & Creamy Vanilla

Cake Donut

[London Pound Cake x Apple Fritter]Bred by Uprising Seed Co.

And closing out this week's flower drop is another beautiful harvest of Cake Donut. This batch finished up with those big, pillowy buds that we have come to expect and love from this cut. As always, Cake Donut came down with a heavy layer of frost and a terp profile to boot. If you're new to this staple strain, the Cake Donut terp profile is typically driven by sweet, apple-forward pastry terps, and this batch hits that nail right on the head. Cracking the jar on this one releases sweet, mouth-watering notes of confectionary sugar, green apples and subtle notes of grape candy. And if you catch it at the right moment, the profile comes together and blends into noticeable tones of cocao, similar to the sweet center of a tootsie pop.

Forward Notes: Sweet Dough, Confectionary Sugar & Green AppleUndertones: Grapes, Lemon Juice & Cacao

Pineapple Stir-FryReserve Terp Badder

[Fatso x Unicorn Poop x Pineapple PeZ]Both Strains Bred by Ronin SeedsBlend Curated by SKöRD

Kicking off this week's concentrate drop is a special batch of Reserve Badder that we have been looking forward to sharing with you all! About a month ago we took down our first tester harvest of two new strains: [Fatso x PP] and [UP x PP]. Now while both Fatso and Unicorn Poop are both GMO crosses, the blend of phenos we found landed all over the place, from lemon/pineapple candy to raunchy blends of garlic and fruit. We're still working our way through this batch of phenos, but in the meantime, this blend of cuts produced an absolutely wild batch of oil. As far as flavor and aroma go, it's pretty incredible how many strains you can detect in this cross. On the nose, you're immediately reminiscent of candy citrus notes from Tasty Trees and SinMintZ, but with a prominent grape backing that smooths the profile out. That said, while the aroma on this batch is more fruit/candy-forward, dabbing the oil releases a new spectrum of flavors that are much more savory - hence the Pineapple Stir Fry name. As soon as these terps hit your palate, you're met with a blend of garlic and pineapple that might just make your mouth start to water. The profile is savory, sweet and so well-rounded that it might just make it one of the best profiles so far from this year. Of course you're all the judges of that, so if you have a chance to #skör a gram, reach out and let us know what you think!

Forward Notes: Gas, Citrus Candy & GrapeUndertones: GMO

Frozen PapayaReserve Diamonds

[Papaya x White Nightmare]Bred by SinCity Seeds

Next up is a fresh batch of Frozen Papaya, this time in Diamond & Sauce form! This is the first round of FP that we spent the time to grow some diamonds with and this batch finished up with a beautiful sugar/rock consistency. Compared to more recent runs, this strain produced a larger diamond to sauce ratio, so the grams are easier to work with and have an extra kick of potency! As far as flavor is concerned, Frozen Papaya produces a floral, fruity and slightly sour blend of terps. The first pass lets off fruity notes that are almost comparable to opening a pack of Zebra Stripe gum and dipping the pieces in gasoline. On a second go you can detect undertones of a slight glue aroma with notable tones of floral chamomile.

Forward Notes: Gas & Candy/Gummy Fruit BlendUndertones: Glue & Floral Notes

Chocolatina PHö

[Tina x Mint Chocolate Chip]Bred by Exotic Genetix

Next up is a fresh batch of Chocolatina PHö! This is one profile that we've never grown tired of; it's gassy, zesty, funky and sweet all at the same time. The initial nose is almost offensively gaseous. Freshly chopped onions/chives, diesel gas and super zesty citrus (almost like a lemon peel) all come to mind on the first pass. And underneath it all is a sweet, doughy, sugary base that balances everything out.

Forward Notes: Gas, Garlic/Onion Funk & Sweet DoughUndertones: Sweet Pine & Zesty Citrus

Divine Kush Breath PHö

[Divine Gelato x OGKB 2.1]Bred by InHouse Genetics

And closing out this week's dabbable concentrate drop is a nostril-burning batch of Divine Kush Breath! This strain consistently produces our highest-testing terpene profiles, which is immediately apparent by how hard the terps smack.. Cracking the jar on this one releases pungent notes of gas, deep lavender & zesty lemon, that immediately flood your senses. On the second pass, you can detect subtle, fragrant notes of vanilla, giving the slightly abrasive forward notes a soft, sweet finish.

Forward Notes: Gas, Lavender & Lemon ZestUndertones: Sweet Vanilla & Candied Grape

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