Reinvention is the key to perfection. Never satisfied with producing the best, we venture each day to harvest something better.

New This Month

Kush Cake

This is one of the most potent crosses to come out of the SKöRD facility and retains the epic jar appeal Seed Junky Genetics are known for. We have multiple phenos so be on the look out! This first reserve rosin batch is a mix of our favorites!

Hidden Pastry

Do you feel happy? Another cross we tested for Seed Junky is Secret Cookies x Kush Mints #11. The variation we got from these seeds was unique, to say the least. We are releasing two versions of this in rosin form because of the very different profiles we got. Reserve V2 (Jam/Jelly-filled Pheno) will be very limited!


A strain even cooler than its name. One of our favorite breeders and friends, SinCity Seeds, absolutely delivered with this incredible strain. Taking the hash favorite Zkittlez and hitting it with his prized SinMint Cookies Male delivers one of the most beautiful strains we have ever had the pleasure of growing.  Sweet grapefruit on the inhale and finishing with creamy gas on the exhale. 


Never settle. We don’t. SKöRD produces in a category all our own: experience the passion that goes into cultivating some of the best cannabis in the world.


From the heavenly citrus note of Sour Tangie to the heavy gas of Alien Fruity Pebbles, our concentrates guarantee to capture the true essence of the flower they come from.


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