Reinvention is the key to perfection. Never satisfied with producing the best, we venture each day to harvest something better.

The Best Strains

Nightmare Cookies

The strain started it all. This SKöRD signature strain is known for her good looks, charm, and serious potency.

Sour Tangie

Do you feel happy? Suddenly uplifted? Is there a really strong smell of oranges? If so, you’re probably in Sour Tangie heaven.

Alien Fruity Pebbles

A strain even cooler than it’s name. The Alien experience abducts you to a spaceship of total euphoria, with a balanced high and an amazing fruity smell to the bud.


Never settle. We don’t. SKöRD produces in a category all our own: experience the passion that goes into cultivating some of the best cannabis in the world.


From the heavenly citrus note of Sour Tangie to the heavy gas of Alien Fruity Pebbles, our concentrates guarantee to capture the true essence of the flower they come from.

“Dark, super-tight, dense…it’s just beautiful weed, man.”
– Legal Weed Review, SKöRD Nightmare Cookies

“Really, really, really good concentrate. Super-intense, and one of my all-time favorites.”
– Recreational 420, SKöRD’s The Sugar Claw

“You need to check this out. This is a 10/10 strain right here.”
– Joe Parker Oil Reviews, SKöRD’s Strawberry Fields

“These are some incredibly beautiful buds.”
– WA Cannabis Reviews


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