Night Wedding

[Wedding Cake x White Nightmare]Bred by SinCity Seeds

Garden Notes: You might be able to tell we are big fans of this cultivar here at Skörd. It performs incredibly well in our garden in all aspects. The health of the plant paired with the terpene content and potent effects make it a definite winner for us. The aroma and flavor of Night Wedding is indicative of the three terpenes it tests the highest for: limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene. The bright berry and lemon notes can mostly be attributed to limonene and myrcene brings that signature hash-y old school note. While caryophyllene backs it up with some spice and depth. This blend of specific terps also has an impact on the balanced effects we really appreciate.

Flavor: Lemon Berry, Sweet Dough, Gas


[Zkittlez X Sinmint Cookies]Bred by Sincity Seeds

Garden Notes: The other flower dropping is a fresh batch of Zkittlemints! It has been a while since this has made a flower appearance. While we love this one in concentrate, the flower is just as funky. After opening a jar, you're met with candied fruit and the gassy funky Zkittlez you’d expect from this original cut. If you haven’t picked this one up before, now's your chance!

Flavor : Candied Fruit, Dough, Vanilla

Blueberry Pie #3 Reserve PHö Badder

[Blueberry Gushers x Georgia Pie]Bred by Raw Genetics

Notes: We have been hunting this one since the start of the new year and are excited to get some feedback on it! First run is just the #3. While the blueberry is there, it is dominated by gassy gelato. We are still narrowing it down between this and the #9 pheno. Be on the lookout for #9 dropping in the near future.

Flavor: Subtle Blueberry, Gelato, Gas

Tasty Trees's PHö Badder

[Lemon Tree x Face OFF OG BX]Bred by Archive Seed Bank

Notes: Citrus fans rejoice, this one's for you! Tasty Tree’s is still a newer addition to the coreline up, but the terps speak for themselves. It’s like lemon candy soaked in gas.

Flavor: Candied Lemon, Gas

PHö Vape Cartridges

1g Ceramic Core Lineup Vapes -Animal Cocktail--Tasty Trees--Nightmare Cake--Divine Kush Breath-  1g Ceramic Reserve Vapes -Pine Nuts-

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