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Are You Storing Your Cannabis Concentrates Correctly?

Light. Heat. Moisture. These can be the death knell for the freshness of cannabis concentrates. As they are exposed to heat, humidity and air, active compounds such as THC break down into less-potent cannabanoids. The aroma and flavor of the concentrate can also...

How Concentrates Are Made

The fair majority of marijuana users—whether they are new or experienced—have heard the term "concentrates" and may even prefer these particular textures as their primary consumption method. But for people unfamiliar with them, concentrates might seem intimidating...

How Dispensaries Work

As cannabis legalization continues to spread across the US, you'll likely encounter a dispensary near you. Whether you're new to cannabis use or your state has recently legalized its sale, it's important to know what to expect from your dispensary experience. First,...

Meet The Team

Behind every bud, there’s a passionate artisan.

Joshua Andersen

Lead Cultivator/Co-Founder

Jon Andersen


Ron Goldman

Partner/Plant Nutrient Specialist

Elliott Wick

Processing Manager

Rachel McKinney

Compliance and HR Manager


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