Skord Chocolatina  concentrate

Light. Heat. Moisture.

These can be the death knell for the freshness of cannabis concentrates. As they are exposed to heat, humidity and air, active compounds such as THC break down into less-potent cannabanoids. The aroma and flavor of the concentrate can also weaken over time. Have you noticed how almost every dispensary you visit keeps their concentrates in a freezer or fridge? There’s a good reason for that. Think of a wine cooler: Cool, dark and air-tight. The goal is to maintain the integrity of the product until consumption.

To extend shelf life, placing the concentrate in an air-sealed and size-appropriate container is a must for keeping it fresh. SKöRD packages our concentrates so that the jars are easly sealed air-tight and conveniently stored. This is essential for maintaining the terpiest material!

For long-term storage, storing in the freezer may be your best plan of action. Plan on slamming that PHO over the weekend? The fridge may be handy. Take your concentrate out of the freezer or fridge and let it come close to room temperature so it won’t collect moisture before dropping it into your rig.

Make sure to also keep your tools and nails clean! You CAN use cleaning solutions, salt water or alcohol to clean nails. Remove all residue from your tools and change your water frequently so that you can get the best experience possible. No one wants a resin and gunk-covered nightmare!

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